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That building... thingy... where our beds and TV... is

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Founded by the late danigolden,
this community is for every lover of The Simpsons to celebrate that they have the internet on computers now

By joining the community, you will automatically qualify to be:
  • A monkey butler
  • An ordained minister (supply your own print-out collar)
  • A Stonecutter, or
  • Someone who will be on the internet within minutes, expressing your disgust for last night's episode (which was, without doubt, the worst episode ever)

But we ask you to respect that you will be under the control of:
  • Jeebus (i_get_stabby)
  • The Internet King (I wonder if he could provide faster nudity... hey2a), and
  • The reverse vampires, in conjunction with the saucer people (The little voices in cherry_pizza's head)

In this community we obey the laws of thermodynamics. We also follow these rules:
  • On Sundays when there are new episodes, if you would lj-cut anything even remotely considered a spoiler, that would be awesome. Being mindful of timezones, people who TiVo, etc etc. If you have any doubt in your mind, just lj-cut it to be safe, please. After 12am PST on Monday, go ahead and don't use a cut if it bothers you that much. If you haven't seen the new episode by then, be warned and have your scroll wheel at the ready
  • Please stay on topic. Some examples of off topic posts include bad poetry, plugging rating communities, and Family Guy
  • If you feel the need to correct people's quotes and recollections, please do it in good fun, and remember that even if people may have the finer details wrong, they are celebrating in the right spirit
  • Be nice and lj-cut your huge pictures and quiz results, and please keep replies to such quizzes and surveys in the original thread. We don't really care what Simpsons character Quizilla says you are, and 50 posts with the same 3 or 4 results is pretty excruciating
  • If you must flaunt your long, elaborate theories about all things Simpsons, please be prepared for a "My cat's name is Mittens" response

Breaking the rules? That's a paddling!

We reserve the right to add rules or bullets at any time. However, just take part for pure enjoyment, and nobody gets hurt.
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